USDA Funding for ICS Research & Development

Interlocking Construction Systems™ building technology was successfully Researched and Developed with over 1/3 Million Dollars from the USDA Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program.

 Phase I ($69K) and Phase II ($271K) USDA Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)* grants were used to test and evaluate the potential of the ICS as described below.  

Results from Phase I testing clearly demonstrates that the ICS possesses significant ease of construction and improved structural strength versus on-site or current manufactured technology in residential construction.

Phase II research (2001-2005) includes ASTM standard E-455: Floor/Roof Diaphragm tests, and a vertical load test. Interlocking Construction Systems™ will field-test a full-scale test/model home and perform additional tests on the three-dimensional structure to determine how the full-scale components interact with and relate to the overall structural performance of the I.C.S. test-home.  The purpose of Phase II testing is to obtain data  useful in obtaining building code approval and quicker entrance into the housing market.

Phase I   Grant #00-33610-8895: (Successfully Completed)

  1. Design and create Basic Production Jigs (or BPJs) to mimic small-scale mass production of the ICS Panels. Basic Production Jigs

  2. Measure and test the performance and functional behavior of the ICS Panels. Handling/Assembly

  3. Determine the structural integrity over time.

  1. Test ICS shear walls using ASTME Standard E564 to determine shear capacity under static loads  Wall Testing
  2. Test ICS shear walls using CUREe load protocol to evaluate their behavior under cyclic loads  Wall Testing

Phase II  Grant #2001-33610-11097: (Successfully Completed)

  1. Design and build an improved mini-manufacturing production system incorporating and building upon the Jigs developed in Phase I.
  2. Test , using the ASTM standard E-455, Floor/Roof Diaphragm tests, and vertical load tests. 
  3. Manufacture and assemble a “Test/Model” home testing various components (Constructed in August 2005).

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