Interlocking Construction SystemInvestor Information

Phase One of the Three Phase Growth Plan has been successfully completed .

Phase I consisted of the securing of over 1/3 million dollars in grant funds for the research and development of the Interlocking Construction Systems and the successful completion of these SBIR grant projects, which included:

1)   The structural load testing of the Interlocking Construction Systems structural components

2)   The designing and building of specialized  manufacturing equipment capable of producing 3-5 homes a year.

3)   The manufacturing and construction of the world's first Interlocking Construction System Test Home on its own tax lot, received final Oregon Building Code approval in 2006. This home is only a 1000 sq. ft. but feels much more spacious with it's vaulted ceilings in every room.


 In Phase II we are seeking the financing so that we can develop our industrial set-up to manufacture and sell our Interlocking Construction Systems homes, and to build an experience team of professionals, vital to the successful launching of our patented home building technology into its commercialization phase.

 To accomplish these goals we plan to obtain property and at least a 25,000 sq. ft. facility, and upgrade our manufacturing process so that we can increase panel production to manufacture and sell twenty-five to fifty Interlocking Construction System homes a year initially.

 The Interlocking Construction Systems homes will sell at a cost of around $80 a sq. ft. or $80,000 for a 1,000 sq. ft. completely finished ready-to-move-in home.

Our Phase III goals for the Interlocking Construction Systems will be to expand our facility and streamline and fully automate the manufacturing industrial set-up to be capable of producing 100+ homes per year.

Oregonized Builders is currently located in the Coquille Valley Enterprise Zone, which offers a 3-15 year 100% abatement from local property taxes to encourage new manufacturing within this zone.

Anyone interested in any Investor / Partnership opportunities should contact: 

Oregonized Builders
President: James Roman
Telephone:  541-572-5882  FAX:  541-572-5882 
Mailing Address: 1601 Stover Lane, Myrtle Point, Oregon 97458