Our Mission...

The goal of Oregonized Builders™ is to provide more affordable, superior strength structures that better shelter human life from natures eventual forces.

Company Profile

  Interlocking Construction Systems™ (ICS) is a revolutionary home building technology invented and developed by James Roman, Founder and Owner of Oregonized Builders™ After over a decade of research the final ICS design was further developed in 2000 and brought to full-scale for structural testing and continual development, under USDA SBIR support. Oregonized Builders™ is located in the Coquille Valley Enterprise Zone*, an area with numerous industrial land that are ready for further development and whose primary industries in the zone are lumber and manufacturing. *Which offers a 3-15 year 100% abatement from local property taxes to encourage new manufacturing within this zone.

Contact Information:

James Roman, Founder and Owner of: Oregonized Builders™
Telephone: 541/572-5882
Mailing Address: 1601 Stover Lane, Myrtle Point, Oregon 97458
E-mail: ICSHomes@aol.com